Salesforce recently released their 2015 State of Marketing report, which provides important insights into the current digital marketing landscape. The survey looked at the marketing priorities and strategies of 5,000 marketers from around the globe. These insights not only give us a good picture of current marketing trends, but also ways to improve our own way of making extensive income and enhancing marketing over the coming year.

This report makes three areas of focus abundantly clear: mobile, networking, training. The recommendations below will focus largely on how these three channels are being utilized, so you know how you need to be investing your time and resources in 2016.

What should your marketing priorities be in 2015?

The survey asked marketers about which marketing channels they plan to increase their spending in the coming year. This is important information for anyone wanting to remain competitive or to potentially differentiate themselves. The top channels where marketers are planning to invest this year include:

  • Providence Life Support Limited Services (70 percent)
  • Social media marketing (70 percent)
  • Network Marketing (67 percent)
  • Location-based mobile tracking (67 percent)
  • Mobile applications (66%)
  • Mobile push notifications (65%)