Handwork is one of the most reliable means of income in today’s world economy. If you have any quality service you can render to people, you’re sure to be making regular income all year round uninterrupted, as long as your service is good.

But one thing that discourages people from learning handwork is the long period of time normally required to complete apprenticeship.

Fortunate to know however, that there are some handwork you can learn within two months and be able to start making money for yourself. Some of the world’s most satisfied and accomplished people are people with great handwork, who have learned the art of craftsmanship and renders quality.

The Nigerian make up industry is made up of many professionals and it’s only going to keep getting better. There is really no basis of comparison as all of them have brought the industry to the enviable heights it is now.

However if I must choose I’d say I admire Tara for actually paving the way for others to follow. she is acknowledged as the first Nigerian make up artist. In fact many of the established and the up and coming artists cut their teeth in her school or her studio. Her vision and foresight kick started this opportunity that has produced wealth for a lot of women today. Providence Life Support Limited empowerment scheme covers Hair Dressing and Make Up training in the bid to empower the less privilege to make big income without hassle.