At PLSL,we deduced that It might take you 30 hours to work on your resume, but an employer will take less than 30 seconds to review it. One version of your resume isn’t enough. Our training will provide graduate and non graduate students with tips, formats, and approaches to targeting your business to make you stand out from other competitors. It is important to understand what client expect to see in your business for both content as well as layout.


  • Catering and Hotel Management
    • Small Chops
    • Cakes
    • African Dishes
    • Continental Dishes
    • Cocktail
  • Course Description:
    • This course is designed to equip the trainees with the techniques needed for effective management of the hotel and other catering services.
    • This includes how to maintain and take proper care of guests and preparation and the use of cleaning agents and material, to provide comfortable accommodation, catering, feeding recreation and leisure to all guests.
  • Key Focus Areas:
    • Prepare different menu for entertaining visitors.
    • Perform simple maintenance and cleaning of the hotel.
    • Effectively manage equipment, material, tools, safety and food hygiene.
  • Designed for: Less, Privilege, Youth, Unemployed graduates, Young school leavers, Interested Individuals.