We create and train leaders in the network field through our vision and philosophy and we build future around them so that they can impact the world.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES SERVICES: Our unique social responsibilities services benefit both member and non-member which includes the less privilege, windows, orphan which our main concern.


At these stage: You are required to refer persons with your referral link each referred you make earns you 20% of your investment (N1,000.00) upon 2 or 6 referrals from you, you make 40% or 120% of your investment respectively and you are rewarded with additional(N3,000.00) when the matrix is completed. Then you move to the next rank.

As six (6) memb2ers in you link complete their zero stage, they fellow you down to the stage 1, as each of them step out to join you, you receive a step out bonus of (N2,000.00) instantly without waiting for the level to be filled. As each of them keep stepping out to join you, so you keep receiving (N2,000.00) on each. You end up receiving a total of N24,000 as you complete this rank and you are rewarded with Android Phones, then simultaneously on completing you will move to our next membership rank.


1aAt the stage you are now a gold member, your down link members are still following you when any of them steps out from stage 1 to join you in the gold stage, you will receive a (N3,000.00) as step out bonus you will end up receiving a total of (N78,000.00) you will be rewarded with an Laptop, Washing Machine, Generator, Gas Cooker, Tablet PC or Ipad, any of your choice. Simultaneously upon completing this rank you are moved to the next market.


You step out bonus continues to drop to your pocket as your downlink members joins you in diamond you would have received a total of (N5,000.00) by the time this rank is completed. And you are automatically moved to executive stage, in addition to a total of (N270,000.00) you will get Television, Deep Freezer Air-Conditioner.


At this stage, your step out bonus is (N25,000.00) on each member that joins you upon completing this rank. You will simultaneously move to infinity stage. In addition to the total of (N2,800,000) step out becomes. You must have received upon completing this rank you will be rewarded with (N600,000.00) matrix bonus and you will be awarded with a brown new Toyota Car worth of (4 Million Naira).


This is the highest rank attainable in our organisation like its name indicates. It simply means that as an infinity member, you will keep earning a step out bonus of (N1.2 Million) whenever your downlink members join you at infinity.


When you obtain our golden form that will take you from where you are to where you deserve to be with (N5,000.00) you are in line to be empowered through our services, check them out with this golden form, we will touch your life and make a difference in it. Because it is our vision to train, empower people globally with specialised skills, and entrepreneur. IQ members are expected to introduce at least two persons to the opportunities we provide and they stand to benefit from our exceptional compensation plan. Our compensation plan was built upon the highly profitable binary marketing system which is meant to put residual income into your pocket as each new member in your link meet you at any rank. No doubt, this is a cash flow system, you don’t need to wait for a level to fill up before you receive your money, but you received it immediately every single person come to join you and whenever you complete a rank you are rewarded with a great BONUS.

NOTE: Our training goes on immediately you register and collect form.